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Black Sun Rising - An Original Firefly RPG

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Aug. 9th, 2009 | 09:30 pm
posted by: jaguarx13 in serenityrpgs

Could I tempt you with a little Space Western? 


Black Sun Rising is an original character board set in Joss Whedon's Firefly universe. Just a place to start, as we create our own version of the ‘Verse. We're on the smaller side (about 15 members and roughly 25 characters), but we have a core of dedicated players and we’re very active. The game focuses on collaborative storytelling, character development and cooperative plots, offers a gritty, realistic game world to write in, friendly players in a relaxed RP environment and we make sure new players are welcomed both IC and OOC. We're rated mature for adult content possibilities, we have great players, a friendly staff and we'd love to have new, enthusiastic and creative people. We have openings on neutral and pirate ships, as well as a land-based location.


It's November, 2518.

The Miranda Wave has just been broadcast.

How will you be changed?


So the Earth-That-Was got all used up. Folks left the place and found a small star cluster full of planets and moons ripe for Terra-forming. The five main stars have the most to look at and do things around. There are a few stunted protostars and a couple of failed stars too. Brown dwarfs with not much to look at, and nothing would make things around them livable anyways.


Few years back there was a war between the core planets and the rest of the 'Verse. The core planets flew the banner of the Alliance and won the war, but they don't have full control of the 'Verse just yet. Most folks who didn't want to be under their choking yoke pushed out from the core to etch out a living either in the Black or on a dustball. Both sides thought they were right. Both sides did things no one can be proud of. Both sides harbor resentment, anger and regrets.


Most things on the border and rim are lacking in the way of things that are high tech. Some are that way because their poor, others are that way because that's how they like their little world. The frontiers of the 'Verse are a lot like the Ancient West from America on the Earth-That-Was. Horse tradin', horse stealin', cattle ranches, cattle rustlin', bank heists, honest folk, all sorts of things really.


What it all boils down to is this: Spaceships, bullets, bilingual English and Chinese, rustic towns, and bogeymen called Reavers. Don't mess with them, don't trade with them, don't do anything with them lest you end up dead and part of their clothing and vittles.


If you have a ship, you're one of the lucky few. Get jobs of whatever source tickles yer fancy, stay one step ahead of the gorram Alliance, and keep it flying.

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