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Mar. 1st, 2009 | 09:44 pm
posted by: gildedmuse in serenityrpgs

I'm reposting this, as we had something of an address change.

Also, we're in desperate need of Captains (including Mal!)

Took away our homes, our lives. Left us all out in the black, men without worlds to go back to.</center>

All you need to know, boy, was there was a war.

Ain't no honor in that. No, this was the sorta war that ripped families apart, and saw planets broken and charred. The sorta war that left some men without a world to call their own. Both sides fought with their teeth, they killed without mercy, and both sides knew gorram well they were right. There was a war, and it turned into the sorta war no man ever really wins.

In his own mind every man plays the hero, the lead role with the whole 'verse watching. And maybe he is, hard to tell when there are so many bodies strewn about from both sides. Only way to know is to wait and see what history calls him.

Could be that a dust devils. Those would be Independents that can't leave the past alone and are stuck fighting ghosts. Certain soldiers never quite finish. The crew of the Cressida doesn't care much when they get called traitors to the alliance, cause they believe in something bigger. They believe they're doing something right and they won't let anyone take away their homes or their freedoms. The underground Browncoat Resistance. All they need to find is a dent in the alliance's armor, break them down and prove they were right all along.

Course those aboard the A.P.V Shènglì see it a sight different now. They're the ones patrolling the border, bringing peace and lawfulness right along. Without them, how would the medicine get out here for the sick, the help for the helpless who no one else cares about. Without them, there ain't no one to try and keep things orderly and safe. All they want is to do right, so why does everyone out here treat them like the bad guys?

Then there is Serenity. She's carrying with her the sort of secrets that could sway the whole 'verse, and all she wants to do is find her own bit of sky, away from it all. And maybe stop on a planet were no one is shooting at her for a while. Why is it always so difficult?

So the question isn't are you good or bad, but what kind of hero are you going to be? Who is going to go cheering your name, and who is is your villain? You can't stay out in space forever. Eventually, every man has to find his place. Some just gotta fight a bit harder for it, is all.

We're a very plot-oriented community looking for clever and engaging writers who want to tell stories. We're also a little on the mature side, both in terms of (violent) content and expecting our members to be mature enough to allow a more hands off moderation style.

Men Without Worlds

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