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Men Without Worlds

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Dec. 23rd, 2008 | 07:16 pm
posted by: gildedmuse in serenityrpgs

Took away our homes, our lives. Left us all out in the black, men without worlds to go back to.

Setting: 2518, Firefly 'Verse
Characters: Canons & Originals (All Canons Still Available)
Description: Men Without Worlds is a 'verse filled with cowboys and spaceships. Open to anyone looking to explore the black, so long as they can do it well, you don't need so much a working understanding of the 'verse as you do a good creative head on your shoulders. Just don't expect a board that's all heavily moderated. We're more open to member driven plots and long tangents of free play.

Every Man's A Hero

There are over seventy rocks up in the sky, each one a different sort of world and certain men are in the habit of jumping between them, looking for one that fits. In 2506, some of these very men wanted to united these planets and others, still, wanted to keep as far from each other as they could get. They'd stake their claims out here on the edges of space, they didn't want it taken away. So they fought, and they killed, and they knew that they were right no matter what happened. Even after the Independents lost and the government of the Allied Planets took over the whole 'verse, still they didn't admit they were wrong.

In his own mind, every man is playing the hero, the lead role with the whole 'verse watching. Only real difference is what history ends up calling him.

Could be that he's one of those dust devils, Independents that can't leave the past alone and are stuck still fighting for a victory. Certain soldiers, they're not quite done with the fight. The crew of the Cressida doesn't care that the alliance calls them criminals and scum, they believe in what they're doing and they won't let anyone take away their worlds. All the need to find is a dent in the alliance's armor, break them down and prove they were right all along.

Course the men aboard the A.P.V Shindgi see it a damn sight different. They're the ones patrolling the border, bringing peace and lawfulness to these people. Without them, how would the medicine get out here for the sick, the help for the helpless. All they want is to do right, so why does everyone out here treat them like the bad guys?

Then there is Serenity, who carries enough in her small bulk to sway this 'verse to either side of this conflict, and all she wants to do is get away from both, make some money, and maybe stop on a planet were no one is shooting at her for a while. Why is it always so difficult?

So the question isn't one are you good or bad, but what kind of hero are you going to be? Who is going to go cheering your name, and who is is your villain? You can't stay out in space forever. Eventually, every man has to find his place in these worlds.

Men Without Worlds

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